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Important Notice:

"As our nation faces the ongoing effects of a worldwide pandemic, COVID-19 continues to disrupt manufacturing, supply, and distribution chains across many industries. School Nutrition Programs all over the country are experiencing these unprecedented realities of food, equipment, and supply shortages resulting in limited inventory that is essential for serving a variety of healthy foods and offering nutritious school meals.
Due to these circumstances, last-minute menu changes and product substitutions may occur. Be assured meals will remain balanced and healthy. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we do our best to meet the needs of your children."



Special Meal Accomodations


Medical Statement for Children with Special Dietary Needs 

Each special dietary request must be supported by a medical statement explaining the requested food substitution and must be signed by a recognized medical authority. The Medical Statement must include:

  • An identification of the medical or other special dietary condition which restricts the child’s diet;
  • The food or foods to be omitted from the child’s diet; and
  • The food or choice of foods to be substituted.

If we do not receive a medical statement from a recognized medical authority, your child will receive a regular lunch tray.  Medical statements completed by parents or guardians will not be accepted. 

Medical Statement Meal Accommodation Form


Fluid Milk Substitution

We offer fluid milk substitution upon request and completion of the Fluid Milk Substitution form. This form does not require a signature from a health care professional but it is only valid for fluid milk substitution. We offer soy milk or Lactaid as alternate choices to milk. Juice is not equivalent to milk nutritionally and thus not a substitution option. 

Fluid Milk Substitution Form


Contact Information 

For questions or assistance with special meal accommodations please contact our Nutrition Services Technician, Lydia Baker at (951)765-5100 x5350.



Comidas Especiales


Declaración médica para niños con necesidades dietéticas especiales

Cada solicitud de dieta especial debe estar respaldada por una declaración médica que explique la sustitución de alimentos solicitada y debe estar firmada por una autoridad médica reconocida. La Declaración Médica debe incluir:

  • Una identificación de la condición médica o dietética especial que restringe la dieta del niño;
  • El alimento o alimentos que deben omitirse de la dieta del niño; y
  • El alimento o la elección de alimentos que se sustituirán.

Si no recibimos una declaración médica de una autoridad médica reconocida, su hijo recibirá almuerzo regular. No se aceptarán declaraciones médicas completadas por padres o tutores.

Declaracion Medica Para Solictar Comidas


Sustitución de leche líquida

Ofrecemos sustitución de leche líquida a pedido y completando el formulario de sustitución de leche líquida. Este formulario no requiere la firma de un profesional de la salud, pero solo es válido para la sustitución de leche líquida. Ofrecemos leche de soya o Lactaid como opciones alternativas a la leche. El jugo no es equivalente a la leche desde el punto de vista nutricional y, por lo tanto, no es una opción de sustitución.

Forma de sustitución de leche liquida



Informacion de Contacto: 

Si tiene preguntas o necesita ayuda con adaptaciones especiales para comidas, comuníquese con Liz Ramos al (951)765-5100 x5302.


Going Green

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