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Department Contact Information

North Kansas City Schools
2000 NE 46th Street
Kansas City, MO 64116
Staff Photo Name: Jenna Knuth, RD, LD, SNS
Title: Director
Phone: (816) 321-5008

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Staff Photo Name: Amy Rohrs
Title: Assistant Director
Phone: (816) 321-6029

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Staff Photo Name: Andrea Wilhoit, RD, LD
Title: Assistant Director/Dietitian
Phone: 816-321-6287

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Staff Photo Name: Tim Lake
Title: Supervisor/Chef
Phone: (816) 321-5571

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Staff Photo Name: Arletta Ownbey
Title: System Analyst
Phone: (816) 321-5855

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Staff Photo Name: Suzie Parker
Title: Administrative Assistant - Free/Reduced Meal Applications
Phone: (816) 321-5868

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Staff Photo Name: Amy Phillippie
Title: Administrative Assistant - Purchasing
Phone: (816) 321-5905

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Name: Becky Smelley
Title: Manager- North Kansas City High School Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-6154

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Name: Ruth DeDios
Title: Manager- Oak Park High School Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5324

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Name: Lisa Ruedisueli
Title: Manager - Staley High School Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5334

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Name: Bev McCutchan
Title: Manager - Winnetonka High School Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5344

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Name: Mary Davis
Title: Manager - Antioch Middle School Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5264

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Name: Courtney Long
Title: Manager- Eastgate 6th Grace Center Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5274

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Name: Emily Hendren
Title: Manager - Gateway 6th Grade Center Cafeteria
Phone: (816) 321-5364

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Name: Victor Williams
Title: Manager - Maple Park Middle School Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5284

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Name: Terri Vanderford
Title: Manager- New Mark Middle School Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5294

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Name: Linda Tinoco
Title: Manager - Northgate Middle School Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5304

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Name: Nancy Flynn
Title: Manager - Bell Prairie Elementary Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5024

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Name: Cheryl Wright
Title: Manager - Briarcliff Elementary Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5034

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Name: Joy Ebert
Title: Manager - Chapel Hill Elementary Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5044

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Name: Ticey Acosta
Title: Manager - Chouteau Elementary Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5054

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Name: Adrienne Bryant
Title: Manager - Clardy Elementary Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5064

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Name: Sara Young
Title: Manager - Crestview Elementary Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5074

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Name: Cassie Kruse
Title: Manager - Davidson Elementary Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5084

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Name: Shanaz Qaradahgi
Title: Cafe Manager - Early Education Center
Phone: (816) 321-5250

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Name: Vickie Taylor
Title: Manager - Fox Hill Elementary Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5094

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Name: Carla Griffith
Title: Manager - Gashland Elementary Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5104

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Name: Julian Aguilar
Title: Manager - Gracemor Elementary Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5114

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Name: Susan Kienzle
Title: Manager - Lakewood Elementary Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5124

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Name: Cristi Hellums
Title: Manager - Linden West Elementary Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5134

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Name: Carolina Hernandez-Guerrero
Title: Manager - Maplewood Elementary Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5144

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Name: Sarah Garcia
Title: Manager- Meadowbrook Elementary Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5154

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Name: Jodi Kane
Title: Manager - Nashua Elementary Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5164

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Name: Tammy Mason
Title: Manager - Northview Elementary Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5560

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Name: Doris Dapper
Title: Manager - Oakwood Manor Elementary Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5184

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Name: Renee Childers
Title: Manager - Ravenwood Elementary Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5194

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Name: Susan Long
Title: Manager - Rising Hill Cafeteria
Phone: (816) 321-6138

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Name: Michelle Brier
Title: Manager - Topping Elementary Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5204

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Name: Jeannette Burns
Title: Manager - West Englewood Elementary Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5214

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Name: Aliza Perea
Title: Manager - Winnwood Elementary Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5224

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Name: Kimberly Haskins
Title: Manager - Northland Innovations Center Cafeteria
Phone: 816-321-5354

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Join Our Team!

Looking for a Part-Time or On-Call job that allows you to be at home when your family needs you there? Join our team in a School Cafeteria.

To apply for one of our open positions, please visit our Careers Page of NKC Schools.  Type "food" in the search box or scroll down to see Food Service Assistant, Food Service Production Specialist, and other open positions.