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Welcome to Food and Nutrition Services


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Our Mission:

To feed students delicious, nutritious, affordable meals, so they can focus on academic achievement and prepare for a successful future.


 Our Vision:

Excellent Food, Excellent Customer Service, and Excellent Sanitation


Food and Nutrition Services has modified many practices and procedures to ensure the health and safety of our student and staff, due to the pandemic.  More info can be found here.

The Food and Nutrition Services Department of North Kansas City Schools is committed to providing students with nutritious meals to support academic success and lifelong healthy eating habits.  Food and Nutrition Services staff serve over 3 million meals a year, more than any other school district in Missouri and more than any restaurant in the Northland.  All meals and snacks served meet or exceed USDA guidelines.    

Research shows that students who eat breakfast at school have higher attendance rates and higher levels of academic achievement than students who do not eat breakfast at school.  Research also shows that students who eat lunch at school consume fewer calories from fat and substantially fewer calories from added sugars than students who bring lunch from home.  In addition, a typical school lunch contains more dairy products, fruit and vegetables than an average lunch brought from home.

All students are encouraged to eat school meals to gain the nourishment they need for high performance in the classroom and beyond.  To learn more about how to successfully navigate the school lunch line, click here. Contact your school’s food service manager here, or if you prefer, the Department of Food and Nutrition Services at (816) 321-5008, if you have any questions or would like additional information.


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Click here for more Farm to School information from the USDA.