PrePayment Pre-Payment Options

Please take advantage of the options to prepay your student's meal accounts. Prepaid meal accounts help the lunch lines go faster and gives students more time to eat, relax, and play. It also gives you the peace of mind of not having to worry about looking for lunch money every day or worry that it might get lost, stolen or used for other things other than lunch.

Account management
& online payments

Student accounts

Students and staff may open an account in the cafeteria. The student ID will be used to access this account and the funds. Deposits can be made into the account by cash, check, or on-line. *No charges for meals are allowed. Accounts can be opened at each cafeteria or by calling the Food and Nutrition Department.



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Use of the account and security

Accessing student lunch money without an I.D. IS NOT RECOMMENDED. Keeping funds secure is a priority. When students do not have their I.D. and would like to access the account, students without ID cards will be required to sign a “Responsibility Waiver Contract” in order to access the account. The cafeteria is not responsible for misuse or lost cards. If lost or stolen numbers are suspected it must be reported immediately.




*If a student is without lunch money we will work with the student to get the assistance and meals necessary.  

Online Payments


Online payments are a simple, safe and secure way to make payments to your students account 24 hours a day at your convenience.