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What's New?


 Our cafeteria bulletin boards are designed and produced 
 by our own SNP ladies. 
 Who knew we possessed all this artistic talent? Good going ladies!! 
 Very CLEVER play on words.

Bulletin Boards/EMES Dr. Suess, March 2018.jpg


Dr, Suess visits MCPS

March, 2018/Green eggs &ham at BHS, March 2018.jpg

March, 2018/IMG_20180302_084312109.jpg

March, 2018/IMG_20180302_084533380.jpg

March, 2018/IMG_20180302_084644623.jpg       March, 2018/IMG_20180302_092910304.jpg

National School Breakfast Week,  March 5-9, How do you say Welcome to Breakfast!

NSBW 2018/NSBW AES, 1-2018.jpg   NSBW 2018/NSBW AES, 2-2018.jpg

    NSBW 2018/NSBW AES, 3-2018.jpg   NSBW 2018/NSBW AES, 4-2018.jpg