What's New

What's New?

Hey There Everyone!


I'm pleased to announce that we have a lot of new programs running throughout the start of the year. We are very excited to offer these fun and exciting options!

Some of the NEW PROGRAMS:

Breakfast Before the Bell - We are very excited to have breakfast before the bell start up at 4 schools this year!! Our participating sites are El Toro, P.A. Walsh, San Martin Gwynn, and Paradise Valley schools! These menu's will be changing over the next few months to make sure we are bringing on what the Kiddo's want to see! Get ready early so you can join us for breakfast!

Protien! - We are gearing up our program to offer great quality meats on our menu's! We will be teaching our staff how to smoke and roast meats and cheese's so they can be incorporated into our new Menu's! Make sure you come check them out at the High Schools as that's where we will be prepping out our fresh protiens!


Thank you all for taking the time to see/hear about what we have going on, we will be gearing up for a new school years application drive which will be available in early July. So make sure you get your application in sooner than later as this also helps our school sites obtain extra funds aside from being able to participate in our growing program!