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What's New?

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It is my sincere hope that everyone had an enjoyable and memorable summer vacation. There are many exciting changes in place in the Food Service Department for School Year 2016-2017.

Last spring, through the combined efforts of dedicated parents and staff, school gardens were planted at all of the elementary schools. This September and October, the school kitchens will be able to feature some of the produce planted and cultivated by the students and staff.  We look forward to bountiful supplies of lettuces, kale, basil and various other delicious and nutritious foods.  Our cafeteria staff are dedicating Taste Test Tuesdays in September to featuring selections freshly picked from the school gardens.  We hope that students and staff alike will enjoy the fruits of the harvest.

Last year we incorporated Mass. Farm to School’s Harvest of the Month foods into our Taste Test Tuesday recipes. This year we plan to do the same.  Unlike past years, Taste Test Tuesday will be offered twice a month rather than every week.  It is our hope to keep offerings current, in season and interesting to the students, faculty and staff.  Recipes will be available on this website for those of you who would like to prepare them at home as well.

Polystyrene Ban

Effective in July of 2017, the Town of Westford will implement a ban on polystyrene products. This ban will apply to most disposable serving vessels currently used in the school cafeterias.  The largest of these is the five compartment food tray on which student lunches are served.  We are currently sourcing and converting to alternative products, the plan being that by the end of this school year we will be totally converted to non-polystyrene products. 

Lunch Prices

The price of student and adult lunch prices has increased for this school year. The last price increase occurred in 2013.

New Lunch Prices

Elementary Students             Lunch   $3.25   Dessert $.50  Milk $.60

 Middle School Students       Lunch  $3.50  Dessert $.50  Milk $.60

  High School                            Lunch  $3.50 and $3.75  Dessert $.50  Milk $.60

   Adults                                   Lunch  $4.25 incl. tax  Dessert $.55 plus tax  Milk $.65 plus tax


On behalf of the entire Food Service Department I would like to say that we look forward to providing the children and staff of Westford Public Schools healthy, nutritious and delicious meals again this year.

Warmest Regards,

Colleen Wallace,  Food Service Director