Going Green



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Nutritious and Fresh !

At the heart of our school nutrition program is our commitment to serving creative meals that not only look good, they taste good.  They are also nutritious and fresh every day.

At the Carrollton Cafe', we care about kids and love working with food.  So we make sure that our people have the training to serve school kids right with healthy, delicious food that is made onsite, carefully prepared and chock full of fresh ingredients, when possible.  

Meals, foods and beverages sold or served at schools meet state and federal requirements based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines. 

We do have a variety of Ala Carte Items are offered at school.  Students who ARE NOT permitted to purchase meals or snacks using their school cafeteria account must have a note sent to their School Cafeteria.  

All beverages sold by the cafeteria meet the Smart Snacks in School Nutrition Standards.



Remember!  You MUST submit a new application every school year !  Last years applications is valid until your new application is processed. By law we have until September 30th to complete this process.As a reminder, you are responsible for any charges. 


Notice:  Market conditions and/or availability of food may require changes in menus.  Also, menus may occasionally vary at local schools due to special events. 

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