Going Green



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To view your child's school menus, scroll down to the menu list toward the bottom of the page.


 School Meal Prices

Elementary Grades K-6:    Wynn Middle Grades 7-8:     Memorial High Grades 9-12:
Breakfast        $1.50 Breakfast       $ 2.00     Breakfast      $ 2.00
Lunch            $ 2.75  Lunch             $ 3.00     Lunch          $ 3.00
Milk                 $ .60  Milk               $  .60  Milk             $   .60

     Lunches include at least five meal components and a variety of fruits & vegetables.

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Please alert your server if you have a food allergy 


 Interactive menu

Every effort has been made to include all nutrient information and allergens, however we are still in the process of updating so changes may occur.  Product labels are always available in the school kitchen.