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We encourage you to apply online for Free and Reduced Meal Benefits!

File Manager -> EZ_Meal_App.jpgHowever, if you choose to submit a paper application, it can be returned to your school's Health Aide Office or Student Nutrition Department at the District Office. 

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Meal Applications

Free and Reduced-Price Meals are available to families who believe they may qualify. If your family chooses to apply please complete an online application on EZMealApp. Alternatively, you can print, complete, and return to any school office an Application for Free and Reduced-Price Meals. You will be notified by mail of your child's status.

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Please apply online for Free and Reduced Meal Benefits!

Only complete one application per family. The information you give will be used to determine or prove your child's eligibility for free or reduced-priced meals. This information may also be used for other state or federally funded school benefits.

Factors considered in the application process are household size and total household income. HOUSEHOLD SIZE is considered all persons, related or unrelated: Including parents, children, grandparents who live in your home and share living expenses. The TOTAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME is the income each household member received last month before taxes - this includes wages, social security, pension, unemployment, welfare, child support, alimony, and any other cash income.

Foster children are categorically eligible for free meal benefits. An application is not needed yet there does need to be documentation of status by a state or local entity familiar with the child's status. Foster children may be included in the household application as part of the household size.

The San Mateo Union High School District Student Nutrition Department, participates in the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program. This is a program that serves nutritionally balanced meals every school day.

For a set price a student is able to buy a complete breakfast or lunch meal. This includes one entrée item plus at least one other item including milk, fruits, and vegetables during all of the service times. Those students who are eligible can qualify for either a reduced or free meal during both the breakfast and lunch times. Participating students are not identified or treated differently.

To apply for free or reduced-price meals either:

  1. Click EZMealApp to apply online.
  2. The Student Nutrition Department provides the Application for Free and Reduced-Price Meals in the following languages: English, Spanish, Chinese. Please select, download, complete, and return the application to your school's Health Aide Office or Student Nutrition Department at the District Office.
  3. Visit your school's Health Aide Office for information on how to apply.
  4. Visit the Student Nutrition Department at the District Office, send an email to gtan@smuhsd.org, or call 650-558-2278 for information on how to apply. 

Summer Feeding Sites:

Click here for a list of locations where students may receive free meals during the summer.