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The Buffalo Public School Farm To School initiative brings healthy, local, and fresh food to schools in Buffalo. The initiative connects schools, farms, and community partners to improve student nutrition through agriculture, health, and nutrition education; and to strengthen our economy by supporting local farmers and food producers.”

Starting in the 17-18 School year, the Buffalo Farm To School Program has expanded to include all Buffalo Public Schools district wide.

Please Click on a Veggie Below to discover information on the Produce. You will also find home versions of recipies that we offer to our students.






Kale: Farm to School Program


Buffalo Farm to School PowerPoint


Champion Flyer

Animal Proteins Animal/jiangxulei1990-eIzzzwtkBjU-unsplash.jpg     Honey and Maple Syrup Honey Syrup/art-rachen-8SGKhWXzlKQ-unsplash.jpg
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Asparagus File Manager -> Asparagus-Bundle.jpg     Melons Melon/june-gathercole-5XZQFsJMXQY-unsplash.jpg
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Berries Berries/shaun-meintjes-ibx3Yrmfb0s-unsplash.jpg     Peppers! Peppers/irene-kredenets-0PUoXmsCSDQ-unsplash.jpg
Broccoli and Cauliflower BrusselSprouts.jpg CauliflowerCup.jpg   Potato potato.jpg
Brussel Sprouts BrusselSprouts.jpg     Root Vegetables  rootvegies.jpg
Cabbage  Cabbage.jpg     Squash  squash_2.jpg
Corn  kale.jpg     Summer Squash! Summer Squash/helena-munoz-u1znlrXjowM-unsplash.jpg
Dairy!  Dairy/eiliv-sonas-aceron-_8bnn1GqX70-unsplash.jpg     Tomatoes File Manager -> BeefsteakTomatoe.png
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Grapes Grapes/tijana-drndarski-2HVmYCkrJfs-unsplash.jpg     Marketing Posters for Other School Districts Farm to school Logo




Our Child Nutrition Program Supports the Get Fit Get Healthy Program