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 Superb Sampling Events

Throughout the school year D.T.S.D. Food Service sponsors free sampling events for all students of Derry Township School District.
Each sampling event is an opportunity to help educate and expose our students to new nutritious food selections. 
Our cafeterias are an extension of the classroom where we create a fun and enjoyable learning environment.
The success of our Superb Sampling Events is due to joining our Food Service Staff with PTO and parent volunteers, consultant Chef, and food industry representatives.
This team of dedicated and caring individuals is the secret ingredient in making these events a success.
We are proud to provide you with this visual showcase…Bon Appetit!

Superb Samplings Dates:
ECC Sample Day - February 9, 2016
Elementary School Sample Day - February 10, 2016
Middle School Sample Day - February 11, 2016
Mr. Hummel  
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