Baldwin County School Nutrition is pleased to serve many GA Grown and packaged items in support of keeping Georgians employed in agricultural, forestry and other related industry. Just look at the number of items we are currently serving, and more to come! The GA Department of Agriculture's initiative, "2020 Vision", encourages schools to serve at least 20% of Georgia Grown items on each students plate by the year 2020. Baldwin County has already exceeded 20% and will continue to seek out more Georgia products for our students to enjoy.

Derst Baking, Savannah, GA

Lord's Sausage - Dexter, GA

Mayfield Dairy - Macon, GA

Sun Cup Juice - Newnan, GA

Royal Produce - Atlanta, GA

Naturally Fresh Salad Dressing - College Park, GA

Chicken and Beef Products - Samples Inst. foods, Atlanta, GA

Babe and Sage Produce - Milledgeville, GA

Chinese Southern Belle Sauces - Atlanta, GA

Allison's Honey - Cleveland, GA

Back to Basics 101, Whole Wheat Flour - Cochran, GA


If you know of a GA Grown product we might be interested in trying please contact