Apple Cinnamon
Apple Cinnamon
Bacon, precooked round
Bacon, precooked, layout
Bagel, 2.0 oz., WG Blueberry bulk
Bagel, 2.0 oz., WG Cinnamon Raisin bulk
Bagel, 2.0 oz., WG Everything bulk
Bagel, 2.0 oz., WG French Toast bulk
Bagel, 2.0 oz., WG Honey Wheat bulk
Bagel, 2.0 oz., WG White
Bagel, 2.0 oz., WG White IW
Balsamic Vinaigrette
Banana Chocolate Chunk
Beans, Baked
Beef patties, flamebroiled, PC, LS
Beef, Dippers Teriyaki
Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip
Betty Crocker Double Chocolate
Biscuits, RTB dough, WG
Blue Cheese
Bosco Sticks, 6", WG
Bosco Sticks, Apple, WG
Bread Bowl, WG
Bread, pita wheat
Breadstick, White Wheat
Breadstick, Whole Wheat
Breakfast Bar, 51% WW IW
Brown, Low sodium
Bulls Eye 39057
Bulls Eye 70900
Caesar Lite
Caesar or Creamy Caesar
Cake Batter
Catsup, PC
Cheerios, Honey Nut
Cheerios, MultiGrain DELETED - leave price blank
Cheese sauce, Alfredo dry mix
Cheese sauce, Cheddar canned
Cheese sauce, cheddar pouch, RS
Cheese sauce, dry mix
Cheese sauce, Italian pouch
Cheese sauce, Nacho, canned
Cheese, American
Cheese, Feta crumbles
Cheese, parmesan grated
Cheez-its, Atomic
Cheez-its, Cheddar, WG
Chicken breast filet, unbreaded, flamebroiled
Chicken breast filet, unbreaded, grill mark
Chicken breast, Buffalo style
Chicken Dippers plain, .65 oz.
Chicken Dippers, teriyaki, .75 oz.
Chicken nugget, fully cooked WG
Chicken patty, crispy
Chicken patty, fully cooked WG
Chicken patty, spicy, WG
Chicken patty, WG
Chicken rings, fully cooked WG
Chicken shoestrings, WG
Chicken Strips, Spicy
Chicken tenders, fully cooked WG
Chicken, breast filet, WG
Chicken, popcorn, WG
Chicken, tenderloin, WG
Chicken, wing boneless, WG
Chicken, Wing Dings
Chicken, Wing Zings
Chips, Reduced Fat SS
Cinnamon Bun, WW, baked, IW
Cinnamon Roll, WG, uniced IW, 2 breads
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Reduced Sugar
Cocoa Puffs
Cocoa Puffs, Reduced Sugar
Cookie dough, 1 oz.
Cookie dough, 2 oz.
Corn, canned WK
Crackers, animal, WG
Crackers, graham PC, WG
Cream cheese PC
Cream cheese PC, light
Creamy Italian
Croissant, sliced Whole Grain
Croutons, PC
Delicious Essentials Double Chocolate
Delicious Essentials Wild Blueberry
Dispenser BBQ Sauce
Dispenser Catsup
Dispenser Honey Mustard
Dispenser Mayonnaise, Light
Dispenser Mustard Yellow
Dispenser Ranch
Dispenser Ranch, Low Fat
Dorito Cool Ranch
Double Chocolate
Dough, Dinner Roll WG
Dough, sheeted pizza WG
Dressing, Honey Mustard Dipping Cup
Dressing, PC small
Dressing, Ranch cups
Easy Split
Egg patties
Egg Rolls, WG, 3.1 oz.
Eggs, hard cooked
FineCoat Shoestring
Fish, OR Pollock Rectangle
Fish, OR Pollock Sticks
Fish, Sea Wonders
Flatbread, WG 6x6
Flavorlasts Shoestring French Fries
Food Release Spray, butter flavored
Food Release Spray, unflavored
French toast sticks, frozen, 51% WG
Frosted Cinnamon
Frosted Flakes, MultiGrain, Reduced Sugar
Frosted Mini Wheats
Frosted Strawberry
Fruit juice bars
Fruit Roll Up, Reduced Sugar
Generation 7 Colossal Crinkles®
Golden Grahams
Goldfish, PC, Whole Grain
Goldfish, Physedibles PC, Whole Grain
Goldfish, Pretzel Whole Grain
Gourmet RF Chocolate Chip, 51% WG
Gourmet RF Chocolate Chip, 51% WG
Gourmet RF White Chocolate Chip, 51% WG
Graham Wafer, PB & J
Granola Bar, Chewy
Granola Bar, Crunchy
Grill Gourmet® Fillets w/ Grill Marks.
Ham, boneless
Harvest Splendor Cross Trax
Jelly, assorted PC cups
Jelly, grape
Kraft 00210006430100
Lasagna, Cheese Rolls
Lucky Charms
Macaroni, 51% WG
Mayonnaise, PC
Meatballs, .5 oz.
Meatballs, 1 oz.
Mini Cinnis
Mix, brownie
Mix, cake chocolate
Mix, cake yellow
Mix, cornbread or muffin
Mix, muffin, whole grain
Mixed Berry
Mixed Berry & Lemon Swirl
Mozzarella sticks, RS WG
Muffins, IW small WG
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
Oats and Chocolate
Old Neighborhood 220
Old Neighborhood 561
Olives, black sliced
Orange Pineapple
Pancakes, frozen WG
Pancakes, Mini
Parmesan Peppercorn
Peanut Butter
Penne, 51% WG
Pepperoni, sliced chicken
Pickles, dill diced
Pickles, hamburger dills, thin
Pickles, hamburger dills, thin
Pickles, sliced strip
Pineapple, tidbits
Pizza Sticks, Whole Grain
Pizza, 16", 51% Whole Grain
Pizza, 4x6 Cheese, Whole Grain
Pizza, 4x6 Cheese, Whole Grain
Pizza, Chicken Quesadilla, Whole Grain
Pizza, French Bread 6 inch bulk WG
Pizza, Round Cheese, WG
Pizza, sausage breakfast
Pizza, Whole Grain Wedge Cheese
Popcorn, Kettlecorn
Popcorn, Smartfood Delight
Pork Rib Pattie
Potato SMILES®
Potatoes, Cross Tracks, OR
Potatoes, French Fries, 3/8-1/2" Krinkle Cut
Potatoes, French fries, KK premium
Potatoes, Hash brown patty
Potatoes, Sweet bites
Potatoes, Wedges, seasoned, OR
Potatoes, Wedges, skin on, OR
Pretzel, soft large
Pretzel, soft small
Pudding, RTS Chocolate
Pudding, RTS Vanilla
Ranch Lite
Raspberry Vinaigrette FF or Lite
Ravioli, Beef
Ravioli, Cheese
Rice krispie treats, WG
Rice Krispies, Whole Grain
Rice, Pilaf
Roast Beef, Deli
Roll, dinner, whole wheat
Roll, Soft Pretzel, WG
Roll, White WG, Petit Pain
Rotini, 51% WG
Salami, cooked medium
Salami, Genoa
Salt and Vinegar
Sandwich Round, white WG
Sauce, BBQ
Sauce, hot
Sauce, marinara PC
Sauce, Orange, Less Sodium Pouch
Sauce, spaghetti
Sauce, Sweet and Sour PC
Sauce, Sweet and Sour, Less Sodium Pouch
Sausage links, .8 -1 oz., skinless, FC
Sausage links, .8 -1 oz., skinless, FC
Sausage links, .8 -1 oz., skinless, FC
Sausage patties, 1 oz. approx., FC
Sausage patties, 1 oz. approx., FC
Sausage patties, 1 oz. approx., FC
Sausage patties, 2 oz., FC
Sausage patties, 2 oz., FC
Sausage patties, 2 oz., FC
Sausage, links, lower sodium, .8 oz.
Shells, Cheese Stuffed
Simplot Sweets Lattice Cut Fries
Smart Balance, PC
Soup, chicken noodle
Soup, garden vegetable
Soup, tomato
Sour Cream & Onion
Sour Cream & Onion
Sour Cream and Onion
Spaghetti, 51% WG
Spinach, chopped IQF
Steak, sandwich
Steak, shaved
Stealth® 1/4" shoestrings
Strawberry Greek Yogurt
Strawberry Pomegranate
Strawberry Yogurt
Sugar, brown light
Sugar, confectioner's 10X
Sugar, granulated
Sunflower Seeds, Plain, PC
Sysco Classic 9822453
Taco seasoning
Taco shell, jumbo
Taco shell, regular
Taco tubs
Thousand Island
Tomato Paste
Tomatoes, Crushed
Tomatoes, Diced
Topping, RTU
Topping, RTW
Tortellini with Cheese
Tortilla, WG 10 inch
Tortilla, WG 6 inch
Tortilla, WG 8-9 inch
Triple Berry
Trix, Reduced Sugar
Tuna, water packed
Turkey breast, Oven Roasted
Vegetables, California blend frozen
Vegetables, Italian blend frozen
Vegetables, Oriental blend frozen
Waffle sticks, WG frozen
Waffles, frozen Jumbo WG
Waffles, mini
Wild Cherry
Yogurt, 4 oz.
Yogurt, 4 oz.
Yogurt, granola topped
Yogurt, lite or fat free
Yogurt, Parfait Pro, LF
Zerts Pudding Cups