Meals Applications Available starting July 1st.

The Child Nutrition Program has an Application Processing Center located at the Child Nutrition Administration Office to give parents the opportunity to come in person and fill out a meal application for their children attending Sharyland ISD.

Sharyland ISD Child Nutrition Program Office
School Meal Application Center
1243 E. Business 83, Mission, Texas  78572
Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm

The telephone number is 956-584-6403

We will be able to provide application assistance in a more relaxed and confidential atmosphere.

Thirty Day Grace Period

Students who were approved for free or reduced price meals last year in an Sharyland ISD school (and were active students at the end of the school year) are allowed to eat free meals or reduced-price meals for up to 30 days based on last year’s application.  This grace period gives the Child Nutrition Program time to process all the applications for this school year.  If the eligibility status changes based on this year’s applications, the new status will be effective immediately.

Younger brothers and sisters may also eat free or reduced-price meals during the grace period based on the family’s status from last year.  Siblings who now live with an eligible family may participate in the grace period.

New students to Sharyland ISD Schools may not participate in the grace period.  We must have an approved application on file before we can provide a free meal.