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Good News . . . . . Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Grant!

With this funding we are able to offer our elementary students fresh fruits and vegetables for a snack during their school day.  This is in addition to the regular breakfast and lunch programs.

With the help of teachers, school nurses, parents and food service staff the funding will enable us to promote good health, nutrition and physical activity.


Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

Red Grapes–Red Delicious Apple-Blueberries–Yellow Peppers–Turnips Tokyo

February 2, 2018

*Subject to changes

Red Grapes-

They’re Berries! Yes, grapes are a kind of berry


Red Delicious Apple-

Apple Trees can live for more than 100 years. 



Blueberries are great for eye health.


Yellow Peppers-

You would think that peppers are a vegetable, but peppers are actually a fruit.


Turnips Tokyo-

Turnips have a similar flavor to the radish, crunchy, succulent, earthy sweet and peppery. 


Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

Golden Delicious Apple-Strawberries-Watermelon-Cucumber-Pea Shoots

February 9, 2018

*Subject to changes

Golden Delicious Apple-

It takes 36 apples to make a gallon of cider!



Strawberries are the only fruit that has its seeds on the outside!



In Japan they grow square watermelons! They grow them in a box to keep the shape.



The inside of a cucumber can be 20 degrees cooler than the outside, thus the phrase “Cool as a cucumber”.


Pea Shoots-

Pea Shoots only take 2 weeks to grow and are ready to eat.


Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

Red Pear-Lady Gala Apple-Radishes

February 20, 2018

*Subject to changes

Red Pear-

Pears come in red, green and yellow. They are all harvested green but continue to ripen to desired color before sent to stores. 


Lady Gala Apple-

Apples boost brain power.



Radishes can be used to relieve stomach ache!



Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

Blood Orange-Honey Dew-Yellow Squash-Radicchio Trevisio

February 26, 2018

*Subject to changes

Blood Orange-

Cold conditions bring out the deep coloring in blood oranges


Honey Dew-

Normally the flesh of a honeydew is green in color, but sometimes it can also be orange.


Yellow Squash-

Squash plants require bees for pollination.


Radicchio Trevisio-

Radicchio Trevisio is harvested in the morning to ensure its unique character, form and flavor is retained.



Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

Pineapple -Red Grapes – Grape Tomatoes – Snow Peas

March 5, 2018

*Subject to changes


After cleaning and drying the top of the pineapple can be planted in soil and a new plant will grow. 


Red Grapes-

Grapes are 80% Water so they make for a great snack


Grapes Tomatoes-

Q: What did the Papa tomato say to the Baby tomato?

A: Hurry and ketchup!


Snow Peas-

Snow Peas are similar to typical peas except they have a softer pod and taste crisper and sweeter. 




Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

Raspberries -Tri Color Baby Carrots – Fuji Apple – Multi color Cauliflower

March 12, 2018

*Subject to changes


A raspberry has 100-120 seeds!


Tri Color Baby Carrots-

There are 5 sizes of baby carrots, the smallest is called “carroteenies”


Fuji Apple-

Fuji apples came from Japan, named after Mt. Fuji.


Tri Color Cauliflower-

The bigger the cauliflower the bigger the flavor.



Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program


March 16, 2018

*Subject to changes


Bananas float in water!



Jicama is a great source of vitamin C.



Celery can reach the height of 3.3 feet



An orange tree can survive up to 50 years if cared for properly!



Every part of the watermelon is edible (INSIDE, RIND AND SEEDS)!




Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

Blackberries-Red Peppers-Tangerines-Green Grapes-Zucchini

March 23, 2018

*Subject to changes


Regular consumption of Blackberries maintains good memory.


Red Peppers-

Peppers are actually a fruit because they come from a flowering plant.



Tangerines are a variety of the Mandarin Orange family.


Green Grapes-

Grapes can enlighten your mood and make you stress free!



The most flavorful zucchini are the mall to medium sized.



Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program


Ruby red Grapefruit-Fuji Apple

March 30, 2018

April 9, 2018

*Subject to changes


Ruby Red Grapefruit-

Grapefruit trees can reach as high as 25-30 feet tall


Fuji Apple-

Once upon a time there were five apples

Which was the cowboy?

None-because they were all redskins.






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