San Jacinto Unified has enlisted a superhero to teach children about fighting germs by washing their hands and living healthy lives by eating right. Watch all of Healthy Hannah's videos and learn how your can form  healthy habits the will last a lifetime!

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Healthy Hannah is delivering the important message about proper hand washing and use of hand
sanitizers in elementary schools. Already, hand-pump sanitizer dispensers are common sights at schools. Now the district is distributing free-standing hand sanitizer machines, according to a news release from Jayne Christakos, assistant superintendent of business services.

The sanitizers on stands will be placed in multi-purpose room and cafeteria locations just before the lunch line. "Just before they put their hands into their mouths, they will have virtually germ-free hands," Martineau said.

At one assembly at Hyatt Elementary earlier this month, Healthy Hannah called up a group of students as she explained proper hand washing: 20 seconds of soaping up, equal to two verses of the song "Row, Row, Row Your Boat," and the children sang along. Another student demonstrated how to use the new sanitizer stand.

"That's pretty much a kindergarten song," said fifth-grader Kody Denny after the assembly. But he's sure he has the technique down to fight germs. "At recess, I dig (on the playground) so it makes sense to wash longer," he said.

Future topics may include fruit and vegetable choices, food portions, nutrition and exercise. Laird's costume has a blue mask, tights and top, a big "H" emblazoned on a gold mid-section and a shiny red cape and gathered skirt. Laird, who is studying nutrition at Mt. San Jacinto College, said the children have been "very enthusiastic" about the programs.

Sherrie Martineau, the school district's director of nutrition services, came up with the idea for the character, "Healthy Hannah".The aim is to convey healthy habits and nutritious eating to help students make choices "for the rest of their lives," Martineau said. "We wanted something that would relate to students and pique their interest

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